At the start of a new year, people often try to practice healthier habits. This may include eating better and exercising, but there are also ways that you can boost wellness at home. Here are 5 things you can do to help your family stay healthy and well.

Boost Wellness at Home with Clean Indoor Air

Did you know that indoor air can have more contaminants than the air outdoors? There are ways that you can make your indoor air healthier to breathe. First, have the home tested for high levels of radon gas. Radon is one of the most dangerous indoor air contaminants, as it causes lung cancer. Remove other pollutants from indoor air by changing HVAC filters on time, setting up air purifiers, and cleaning frequently.

Pure Drinking Water

Like indoor air, drinking water is not free of contaminants. Water from any source should be tested to learn whether it contains heavy metals, salts, VOCs, pesticides, radon, pharmaceuticals, and living microorganisms. Once you have the results of the water test, purchase and install the appropriate type of water filter.

Sanitary Surfaces Boost Wellness at Home

Keeping surfaces in the home sanitized reduces the spread of germs and prevents mold and bacteria growth. Establish a rigorous cleaning schedule and use a disinfectant solution to wipe down tables, counters, chairs, and other areas. Don’t forget to also disinfect light switches, doorknobs, handles, and remote controls.

Safety Devices

Smoke and CO detectors protect your family from getting smoke or carbon monoxide poisoning by alerting them to their presence. Test these devices monthly to make sure they work and replace the batteries twice per year.

Spaces to Work Out

Designating an area for movement and exercise makes it easier for your family to stick with a wellness routine. Equip the area with a yoga mat, straps, hand weights, and a foam roller. You can use an extra room in your home, space in the basement or garage, or even a corner of the living room.

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