Allergies tend to be worse in the fall, so it’s important to improve indoor air quality in your home. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make your home’s air healthier to breathe. Just follow these 4 tips.

Regular Cleaning to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dust on the floor and surfaces of the home affects your indoor air quality. Pollutants are tracked indoors on people’s shoes, like chemicals from the lawn and other debris. Removing shoes before entering the house and cleaning often helps the air stay clean.

Air Purifying Devices

Air purifying machines are made specifically to improve indoor air quality. Purchase portable air purifiers for bedrooms and the living room, since these are probably where your family members spend the most time.

Measure the size of the room before you purchase an air purifier because they are rated to work within a specific area of square footage. Air purifying devices that use a HEPA filter are the most effective at removing contaminants.

Plants are Natural Air Purifiers

Houseplants are natural air purifiers. Many common plants are known to remove chemicals from the air like VOCs, formaldehyde, and benzene. Simply place some houseplants in pots around your shared living spaces and be careful not to overwater them. Overwatering plants can cause mold to grow and harm air quality.

Change HVAC Filters and Clean Vents to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air circulating through your home via the HVAC system goes through a filter and is sent out through vents. Improve air quality by making sure the filters and vents are clean. Change the HVAC filter according to the manufacturer’s directions and wipe the air vents clean often.

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