If you have pets or small children, research plants before you bring them into your home. Here are 5 safe houseplants that are non-toxic and kid and pet-friendly.

Spider Plants are Safe Houseplants

The spider plant is an effective air purifier and one of the most common safe houseplants. Cats do like to chew on the leaves of a spider plant, but fortunately, they are non-toxic. Hang one from the ceiling to prevent your animals from eating the leaves.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns are a classic houseplant. They provide lush greenery for your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Boston ferns like bright, indirect light and humidity, which make them the perfect houseplant to freshen up the bathroom or kitchen. You can decorate with Boston ferns without worry; they are non-toxic to pets and people.

African Violet

The African violet makes a great centerpiece for the kitchen table. It can bloom in low light and thrives with average humidity. It grows best in a soil-free potting mix. Place this non-toxic, flowering plant wherever your living spaces need a pop of color.

Safe Houseplants: Bromeliads

Bromeliads are unique-looking, safe houseplants. They can even grow as epiphytes in a soil-free environment, making them even more pet-friendly since some cats love to dig in the soil of houseplants and make a mess.

Purple Velvet Plant

The purple or royal velvet plant provides an unusual aesthetic. It is a leafy plant that grows velvety, purple hairs on the edges of the green leaves, hence the name. While it looks like it could be toxic, it is one of the safe houseplants for pets. It grows well in bright light and does not need to be watered much.

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