Michael Sullivan

LICENSED Home Inspector

Michael Sullivan is the owner and licensed home inspector of American Dream Home Inspections LLC. One of the biggest draws of becoming a home inspector, on top of Michael’s lifelong passion for construction, was the opportunity to help individuals and their families in a way that can truly facilitate a better, more comfortable life. A good home inspection can protect prospective homebuyers from making an uninformed and potentially regrettable decision, and that’s a big deal—and it’s the reason that Michael takes so much pride in the quality of his work. When Michael speaks to his clients, he’s always friendly and courteous, taking the time to talk about their expectations so that he can convey every factual piece of information about the home’s condition that needs to be considered before they decide on a potential purchase.


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Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI

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Hard Work Pays Off

Before he became a professional home inspector, Michael worked for over 30 years as a carpenter in the construction and homebuilding industry. This experience has shaped Michael’s ability to see any home for what it is beneath the bells and whistles, allowing him to quickly and accurately diagnose defective areas so that his clients have a clear idea of what issues they’ll need to have resolved if they want to move forward with an investment. Any issue with a home’s structure or systems is fixable, and Michael never suggests otherwise—it’s simply a matter of what time and resources a client needs to dedicate or negotiate from the seller. At the end of the day, Michael simply wants his clients to be as knowledgeable as possible so that they can be completely satisfied with their future home.  When he’s not performing home inspections, Michael enjoys going fishing and spending quality time with his friends, family, and pets.


Michael Sullivan

LICENSED Home Inspector

American Dream Home Inspections LLC is committed to providing the most accurate and informative home inspection possible so that when you decide to invest in a particular home, it’ll be a dream come true. Contact us today request an inspection.

Evening appointments are available by customer request.



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