Reducing humidity in your house is easy when you add a few steps to your home maintenance checklist. Maintaining your home’s humidity levels makes your entire home safer and more comfortable for you and your family. Here are five effective ways you can reduce humidity at home.

Humidity can be detrimental to your home’s environment when levels are too high. Being proactive and introducing a few natural ways to reduce humidity helps prevent mold and bacteria from growing. Place certain plants throughout your home, invest in a dehumidifier, and keep steam output to a minimum.

Get a Dehumidifier to Reduce Humidity at Home

Dehumidifiers are the fastest and most efficient way to eliminate humidity. These easy-to-use devices come in portable models that can be moved around to different rooms.

If you’re looking for full-house coverage that doesn’t require the use of multiple devices, a built-in unit works best. This whole-house system hooks into your HVAC’s air handler. Condensation is collected into a separate reservoir and discarded outside of the home. Professional installation is recommended for whole-house units and you’ll pay higher upfront costs.

Use Your Air Conditioner

Turning your air conditioner on is another quick method that effectively removes moisture from the air. Keep your AC on a regular schedule once it begins to get hot outside to manage humidity.

Dry Clothes Outdoors

Drying your clothes outdoors is another way to reduce humidity. Humidity is produced from drying clothes, especially in smaller spaces like a bathroom or laundry room. Consider drying your clothes outdoors to lower humidity, prevent possible mold growth, and have fresh-smelling laundry that has been dried naturally in the sun.

Keep the Steam to a Minimum

The steam from hot showers and boiling water are major contributors to high humidity levels. Refrain from boiling water on humid days to reduce condensation and take cooler, shorter showers to prevent steam buildup. Turn ventilation fans on when cooking and showering.

Buy Plants to Reduce Humidity at Home

Certain plants, such as Boston ferns, palms, cacti, and orchids, absorb humidity and reduce the amount of moisture in the air. For best results, place them in rooms throughout your home to enjoy the benefits that these unique plants have to offer. Be careful not to overwater them, which is counterproductive to reducing humidity and may cause mold growth.

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