Clutter makes it hard to relax in your home and tough to find things when you need them. In this article, you’ll find some practical tips to declutter your home.

To Declutter Your Home, See What You’re Working With

When you begin to declutter, the first step is to empty out the cabinet, drawer, or closet you are starting with. Take inventory on all the items and sort them by category. Then put the items in piles that you either want to keep, throw away, or donate.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

For each item, think about when you last used it. If you haven’t used something in the past year, you probably shouldn’t hang on to it. Donate usable items to a local thrift store and throw away broken or useless things. You’ll be left with fewer items to organize, which makes it easier and frees up additional space.

Get Organized with These Practical Tips to Declutter Your Home

The best way to organize your belongings is to designate a place for everything you have. Things that are used often should be easy to access in your home. Items used less frequently can be stored elsewhere, like a high cabinet or shelf.

Store Seasonal Items Out of the Way

Set a day to declutter before every season change. At the end of winter, gather coats, sweaters, and snow boots, and neatly place them in storage bins. Label the bins and store them in the attic, basement, or another dedicated storage area. This way they won’t be cluttering up your living space when you’re not needing them.

Our practical tips to declutter your home will improve your lifestyle and overall well-being. Not only will these tips help you create free space, but they also make your home look and feel more spacious and welcoming.

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