As you deck your house out for the upcoming spooky holiday, it’s important to practice Halloween decorating safety. Follow these guidelines to limit the potential for accidents.

Be Careful With Extension Cords

Extension cords may be needed for your outdoor Halloween lights and decorations. Use extension cords that are rated for exterior use. Plan out your exterior decorations thoughtfully and don’t overload extension cords or attach too many together.

Halloween Decorating Safety When Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a situation where accidents can easily occur, especially if children are not carefully supervised. Pumpkins are large and awkward, so carving a pumpkin can be difficult. Be sure to explain each step of the process, use appropriate tools, and help your child as they handle sharp objects. Staying vigilant about Halloween decorating safety throughout this process may prevent a trip to the emergency room for stitches.

Avoid Open Flames

Halloween has historically been a time for bonfires, jack o’lanterns, and other decor involving open flames. However, if you’re hosting guests at your home or having trick-or-treaters come by, open flames create a fire hazard. Instead, opt for battery operated lights to brighten up your pumpkins and electric light displays to show off your home. Practice Halloween decorating safety by saving fires and open flames for small gatherings with trusted adults.

Halloween Decorating Safety to Prevent Falls

If you have tree roots, holes in your yard, or exterior extension cords stretched across your property as part of your decorations, it’s important that you either eliminate them or mark them clearly. This Halloween decorating safety tip will help make sure that visitors to your property see any hazards and reduces the chance of injury.

Maintain Clear, Well-Lit Paths

It’s important that when you put up your outdoor Halloween decorations, you keep the paths to and from your home clean and well-lit. This will help visitors get to and from your front door safely. Line paths with luminaries that contain battery-candles or use festive solar stake lights.

As you decorate your property for Halloween, make safety a top priority. Following these tips will help you to keep your property as safe as possible for everyone visiting your home this Halloween.

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