A swimming pool is a perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day and spend time with family and friends. A well-maintained pool is a beautiful addition to your backyard and a sure way to add value to your property. Over the years, your pool may start to look outdated due to normal deterioration or because it fails to keep up with current trends. Here are a few tips for updating your pool.

Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a great way to freshen up your pool. This is an aesthetic improvement that also serves a practical purpose. The existing surface deteriorates over time and may become unpleasant and unsafe. Most pool owners go with a quartz aggregate finish when resurfacing. It’s resilient, scratch-resistant, durable, and won’t fade over time. Quartz blends are available in various vibrant colors that give your pool a fresh and attractive appearance.

You can further personalize your pool by adding a mosaic pattern to the floor. There are endless options that serve to improve the aesthetic of your swimming pool.

Improving Water Purification

When updating your pool, consider a change to improve your water’s quality. Moving away from chlorine is the prevailing trend in water purification. Saltwater pool systems have emerged as a popular alternative and a more natural way to purify the water. A saltwater system is more gentle on your skin, eyes, and hair, and is more cost-effective than a chlorine pool.

Updating Your Pool with LED Lighting

LED lighting illuminates your pool after dark. Lights add ambiance and accentuate the architectural elements of your pool. They also increase visibility and safety if you spend time in the water at night. LED lights are available in numerous colors and patterns and can be installed on the pool deck, along the walls, or underwater. An added benefit of LED lighting is that it’s more energy-efficient than standard pool lighting.

Add Water Features

If you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade for your swimming pool, the easiest way to change the mood of the space is to add a water feature. Update the pool area with a waterfall, fountain, or sculpture. You’ll create a focal point and add drama and elegance to your swimming pool.

Updating Your Pool with Smart Technology

Modern technology has made pool ownership much easier. Updating your pool doesn’t always mean altering its appearance. Consider introducing automation and smart controls. With technology, you can connect almost any pool equipment to your smartphone and control the heating, lights, or filtration system by simply clicking on the desired option in your app.

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