Renovating your kitchen is a complex and time-consuming process. However, with careful planning, you can remodel the kitchen, transforming the busiest room in your home with ease. It is important to select the right appliances, choose appealing materials, and plan everything you want in detail, so the entire process goes smoothly. With that in mind, here are seven things to do before renovating your kitchen.

Things to Know Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodel

1. Plan Ahead When Renovating Your Kitchen

The planning phase of a major renovation may take longer than the actual construction phase. Planning effectively reduces the amount of time the project takes and saves you time and money. With proper planning, you are more likely to create and stick to a fixed budget for the project.

Allow yourself plenty of time to consider your space and determine precisely what needs to be upgraded in the kitchen. Make sketches and shop around for materials, fixtures, and appliances. Having an idea of prices will help you plan your budget.

2. Choose Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Proper lighting makes the space feel larger and helps you work safely and productively to prepare food. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates dark spots on the countertops. Add pendant lighting over a kitchen island and lamps around your workspaces to avoid shadows.

3. Consider Types of Storage Before Remodeling

Storage is one of the essential parts of your kitchen. During the planning phase, consider having custom cabinets made to make the most of the entire space. You can add cabinets that go to the ceiling to maximize the storage area. Although higher shelves will be more challenging to reach, use this space for small appliances and cookware you don’t use daily.

4. Shop for High-Quality Appliances Before Renovating Your Kitchen

If you plan to upgrade the appliances in your kitchen, look for high-quality appliances that fit your budget. Shopping early in the process helps you understand the current prices of appliances, so you know a good deal when you find one.

5. Don’t Change the Footprint of the Kitchen

When planning your kitchen renovation, try not to make too many changes to your kitchen’s footprint. These changes require you to rework the plumbing and power outlets and add to the workload and budget of the project.

6. Decide on Materials for Your Kitchen Renovation

Choose materials for the update that create the look and feel you want for your kitchen. This is a personal choice, and you can opt for materials such as hardwood flooring for a warm and cozy feel. Tile floors are durable and offer a clean look. For countertops, there are endless options: concrete looks modern and industrial, butcher-block countertops have a rustic feel, and granite and stone are elegant and classic.

7. Keep Maintenance in Mind Before Renovating Your Kitchen

With any kitchen renovation, consider the maintenance costs of the materials and appliances you choose. This is why it is recommended to purchase high-quality appliances and building materials, as they tend to be easier to maintain and save you time and money in the long run.

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