January is National Radon Action Month, so you may hear more about the dangers of radon in the home. The EPA designated National Radon Action Month to raise awareness about the importance of testing your home for radon. Radon is a dangerous gas and all homes with high levels should be mitigated by a professional.

Why Radon in the Home Requires Swift Attention

If you have recently learned that you have high levels of radon in the home, you should take action right away. Radon is a carcinogenic gas and exposure has been tied to lung cancer diagnoses and deaths. Because this is an odorless and clear gas, it is impossible to tell how serious your radon problem is without a professional radon test.

1. Confirm Through Professional Testing

Because high radon levels can exist anywhere, every home should undergo testing through a credentialed professional. A professional will use accurate, quality testing procedures to identify the level of radon in your house. Without accurate results from a professionally-administered test, it is difficult to be certain about the results. Cheap, DIY radon testing kits are less accurate.

2. Explore Effective Remedies

There are several ways to address a high radon level in your home. Rather than pick and choose remediation methods on your own, you should always consult with and follow a professional’s advice. Using the wrong method or improperly applying a method could worsen the situation and result in more radon in your home.

3. Schedule Service Immediately

While cost is a consideration when you are preparing for radon remediation service, remember that timing is critical. Without mitigation, the radon levels  in your home may continue to increase and threaten your family’s health. Some people even leave the home until the corrective measures have been completed and a radon test comes back showing safe levels.

4. Take Preventative Action

After radon mitigation, you should take additional steps to prevent more radon from entering. Sealing identified cracks is one task. You may also want to invest in detection monitors and improve the ventilation in your home. Your radon inspector and mitigation consultant can help you to determine the preventative measures that are best for your home.

Radon in the home is a serious concern that everyone should be aware of regardless of where you live or the age of your home. With regular testing, you can identify a developing issue quickly. You can then address the problem correctly and proactively. If you have not tested your home for radon recently, now is the ideal time to contact a trained professional to conduct a radon test.

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