Moving homes is a stressful process at the best of times, but it can be even more challenging if you’re moving during cold weather. From packing your belongings to loading the moving truck, there are things you can do to make your move easier when temperatures drop. Here are a few helpful tips for moving house in chilly, icy weather.

1. Layer Up if Moving During Cold Weather

When moving in colder climates, it’s important to use layered clothing to keep warm while packing and loading the truck. Wear several layers of clothing to quickly and easily adjust your temperature throughout the day. Make sure to wear gloves, a hat, and insulated boots to protect yourself from the chilly temperatures.

2. Prepare for Slippery Conditions

Packing materials like cardboard and plastic boxes may become slippery when wet, making them difficult to carry. Plus, moisture – like condensation from changing temperatures – can cause the cardboard to deteriorate. Try packing items into plastic bins instead, as these will be more weather-resistant, and your belongings will be protected, even if the totes get wet from snow or rain.

Use heavy canvas drop cloths to protect the flooring and offer traction on slippery surfaces. Purchase ice melt to have on hand on your moving day in case ice accumulates on walkways or steps.

3. Moving During Cold Weather: Keep Your Belongings Dry

Humidity in the air can cause condensation inside cardboard boxes. To prevent moisture damage, seal each box well and use shrink wrap around each package before placing them in the truck. Place towels in boxes with valuable items to add cushion and absorb moisture.

4. Have a Back-Up Plan for Traveling

Consider how you’ll get yourself and your belongings from one place to another if bad weather hits or roads become impassable. Have a contingency plan, such as hiring an alternate vehicle better suited to winter conditions. Be sure to book extra time into your schedule in case you encounter delays due to snow or ice.

Research your travel route to find hotel accommodations along the way. If bad weather hits, you’ll have a warm place to sleep and rest up before the remainder of the move.

If you’re hiring a moving service, talk with them about what happens in case of inclement weather. Learn how they handle bad conditions so you’ll know when to expect your belongings to arrive at the new address.

Moving house in cold weather can be challenging, but following these tips will make it easier. Plan your wardrobe to allow for layering, and pay attention to the weather forecast. Knowing what to expect on moving day will make you better prepared for the process.

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