Few things bring peace of mind like knowing that your home is protected against break-ins. After all, it’s not just your belongings that are at stake, but the safety of you and your family. If you’re wondering how to protect your home, here are five of the best ways to improve your home security.

1. Automate Your Home to Improve Your Home Security

One of the best ways to secure your home is by installing smart appliances that you can control using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Most break-ins happen while the homeowners are away, but automated devices allow you to remotely turn lights on or close curtains and give the impression that somebody is home. Put the lights on a random schedule so it looks like the house is occupied.

2. Improve Your Home Security Using Decals

Security system decals, the stickers that you often see on front doors or windows, are a great way to deter would-be burglars. Even if you don’t have a security system, you can still purchase a company’s decal and stick it somewhere that’s easily visible from the street. It’s best to have a security system installed, but this is a quick solution on a budget. Most thieves will choose another home without this signage rather than risk breaking into your property.

3. Keep Your Mailbox Empty

Keeping your mailbox empty might seem like an odd way to improve your home security, but burglars look for overstuffed mailboxes as a sign that the homeowners are away. If your family is planning on going away for more than a few days, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail so your house doesn’t look like an easy target. You can also easily put in a hold mail request online with the USPS.

4. Stay Off Social Media

Another way burglars identify potential targets is by searching social media posts in their area to find homeowners posting about their vacations. As tempting as it might be to show off your vacation pictures, you’re better off waiting to post photos or status updates until you get back from your trip.

5. Put Cameras Everywhere

Security cameras are getting more affordable for homeowners. Improve your home security by placing them at strategic points around the perimeter of your house. Along with the traditional variety, there are now smart cameras that allow you to look through the lens using your mobile device or computer. Many of these smart cameras offer live feeds that you can view remotely at any time.

Each of these five strategies will improve your home security and help keep your family safe. Try putting yourself into a burglar’s shoes and look for any signs that your home might be an easy target.

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