Your home protects you and your loved ones from the elements and keeps your possessions safe. However, your home is likely not fully ready to protect against all risks. Invest in these home safety essentials to keep you and your loved ones safe in your home.

Plan Ahead with Home Safety Essentials

If your home is not stocked with home safety essentials before disaster strikes, you will face many challenges. These essentials are designed to help you be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Now is the time to analyze the home safety essentials that are available to you today so you can update your home with new equipment as needed.

1. Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher helps prevent fires from getting out of control when they start. Usually, a fire extinguisher is stored underneath the kitchen sink because cooking-related fires are common. You also may keep additional extinguishers in the garage, near the fireplace, and on other floors of your home. In addition to having access to a functional fire extinguisher, you and your family members should know how to use it.

2. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fires spread through homes rapidly, and within minutes it may be too late for you and your family members to escape safely. Smoke detectors alert you when a fire starts so you can get out of the house as soon as possible.

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on each floor along with smoke detectors. They tell you when deadly carbon monoxide gas is in your home so that you can leave immediately until the matter is remedied. Remember to check your batteries regularly.

3. A First Aid Kit

Accidents can occur in any room and some can be severe. While some injuries require medical attention, a first-aid kit may come in handy until you have professional help. In some cases, the items in a first aid kit may be all you need for the injury and no medical attention will be needed. A typical first-aid kit contains bandages, gauze, an ice pack, antibiotic spray or ointment, and other essentials.

4. A Disaster Kit

Stories about people being trapped in their homes for days with no power or being forced to leave at a moment’s notice are more common than you might think. A disaster kit provides you with all the essentials that you could need in either situation. This kit should have first aid supplies, emergency food rations, bottled water, a flashlight with batteries, and other items. You can assemble your own disaster kit, or you can purchase a kit online.

There are many scenarios when your home is not enough to keep you and your family members safe. You should have extra safety items on hand so that you are ready for any situation. Take a closer look at your belongings to determine if you need to purchase any of these items. Because a critical situation can develop at any time, update your home with these home safety essentials as soon as possible.

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