If you think your bathroom needs some updates, there are improvements that you can do yourself to give it a new look. You may think that you need to hire someone and make significant changes, but just a few minor tweaks will make a big difference. Plus, it will save you money. Here are five easy bathroom updates that you can tackle on your own.

Easy Bathroom Updates to Add Decor

Instead of knocking down walls, you may need to add some accessories to your bathroom to liven it up. Adding decor is an accessible bathroom update that gives you the freedom to personalize the space. Add artwork, plants, decorative soap holders and dispensers, and candles. The best part is that you can switch it up whenever you want a fresh look.

Add a Backsplash

Adding a tile backsplash gives your bathroom more style and character. There are many different colors and types of backsplash available. Better yet, you only have to cover a small area for it to have an impact. Instead of tiling the entire wall, add a backsplash above the sink for an easy and affordable update.

Swap the Shower Curtain

The shower curtain takes up a lot of surface area in your bathroom, so that the design will affect the style of the entire room. If you’re looking for a change in your bathroom, choose a shower curtain with different colors and a new design. Take it one step further and get towels and a rug that matches your new shower curtain. This will create a new, unified look for the space.

Paint the Cabinets

This easy bathroom update will take less time than painting the walls and achieve as much appeal. If you have a neutral color scheme in your bathroom, consider painting the cabinets with a pop of color for interest. Paint will also make the cabinets look more modern, especially in an older bathroom.

Easy Bathroom Updates for the Lighting

Lighting may seem like a minor feature in a bathroom, but it makes a difference in the long run. Dim or outdated lighting in a bathroom is unappealing; on the other hand, too bright light is irritating to the eyes. Change your light bulbs to a suitable color temperature for an easy bathroom update. A new light fixture will also help modernize and add character to your bathroom space.

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